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Poached Eggs

For me, no weekend breakfast/brunch is complete without a perfectly poached egg. When not acting in the main role, poached eggs are also an easy way to add color and protein to a salad, soup, or even pasta. Poached eggs require a gentle touch, and therefore can be a tad finicky (trust me, I had […]

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20-Minute Vegetable Broth

A common misconception is that a good broth takes loads of time, but this recipe saves time and money without compromising on flavor. Vegetable broth is also highly customizable; I add ginger and lemongrass for Asian-inspired soups (see my Ginger Noodle soup, coming soon!) or opt for savory herbs in a minestrone (see my Quinoa […]

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Chiffonading Basil

Confession: Despite my many attempts to grow and maintain my own herbs and vegetables, I do not have a green thumb. I (fantasizing about a never-ending supply of pesto) have tried repeatedly with basil plants but alas, I am unable to cultivate my own basil garden. For my fresh produce I instead resort to my […]

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