Long Time No See

So as you can see I’ve taken a few days off (and by a few I mean a solid 511 since my last measly post in February, 2015). Don’t worry, nothing terrible happened between now and then to prompt such an impromptu hiatus. Let’s see, in that time I graduated from high school, worked at a local taco restaurant and as a government intern in what felt like an episode of NBC’s Parks & Recreation, and then last fall began my freshman year at Middlebury College in Vermont.

I wasn’t exactly consumed by stress and work between the end of my senior year and the beginning of college, so that can’t explain my radio silence. Actually it was somewhat of the opposite. Having been SO dictated by schoolwork and other activities (this blog included) throughout high school, I took that time to do everything I hadn’t been able to before. As my little brother so kindly put it, I “finally got a life”.

Freshman year flew by in an amazing blur of new friends, history flashcards (my future major!), early morning crew practices (oh yea, that happened too) and plenty of maple syrup…it is Vermont after all. And with that, here I am this summer.

Having only just finished my first year at college, I’m allowing myself a chill summer at home to see friends, read, study a little French (a longtime goal of mine) and make some money working. My job this summer has a bit of a longer commute than last year’s (80 minutes vs. 2 minutes…when there was traffic), this time working as a barista at Matchabar in Chelsea. I’ll write more on this another day, for this post has already seen far too much “year in review”.

Speaking of years, I learned a rather important lesson about them today. When I was little, my mom and I would make biscuits for the fourth of July (star shaped, of course). That tradition had disappeared somewhat since my brother came along, but this year we endeavored to bring it back. We forgot, however, the ever important step of checking expiration dates, and only learned after our biscuits had emerged from the oven looking more like shortbread cookies that the baking soda had perhaps not been used since the last time we’d made biscuits a few years back…

So in short, I do not have a flaky, buttery, biscuit photo to accompany this post today (pretty lame after a year of building suspense) but I promise, the beetreporter is back. Happy fourth to you all & stay tuned for more recipes coming soon!!

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